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Baba re Baba

I am unable to write about their assets because what figure I will cite will be surplused by few more crores when you will read it. These Babas are business tycoons, spiritual magnates, yoga-gurus, temple-raisers, running hawala rackets, sex-rackets. At least their are four MPs as wearing saffron sanyasi dress in Parliament when ‘Shukla Yajurveda’ says that a sanyasi has to refrain from worldly materialistic things and comforts. A sanyasi has to seek alm from only three householders and under any circumstances they are not allowed to enter in a home of a householder. He has to sleep under tree and not under any concrete building. Does our Babas follow these Hindu scriptures or they become so greedy that they have to sleep or sit in Air Conditioners, they have private helicopter, jet planes, Z-security commandos, in Punjab one sect has a private air base where they have a privately owned airport.
Dr. Ambedkar has precisely said that ‘their religion is not Sanatana but their greed is Sanatana’. Apart from first picture of Swami Vivekananda rest pictures are of multi-billioners or self-proclaimed Gods. It is astonishing that people who are more educated fall prey to their tricks.
Kabir Das had aptly said that ‘‘मन तो रंग्यो नहीं कपड़ा रंग दियो’’ means you have just coloured your cloth as Saffron but not your mind and your mind still roams for worldly pleasures.


Swami Vivekananda, the most revered swami of Hindu religion with his guru-bhais.


Do you have any Asha (hope) from this kind of Asaram.


Baba Jai Gurudev, left a legacy of multi-crores and a huge property.


It’s better to not say about him because his disciples are too violent.


A good businessman but a stigma on Hindu religion and Sanyasi tradition.


Shiv Murat Dwivedi alias Ichadhari Sant Bhimanand alias Ichadhari Baba, a former security guard of five-star hotel, turned Baba to run sex-racket, cooling his heels in prison, booked under Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA).


A preacher and land grabber, his business is to grab as much as land from villagers, few years back dozens of ladies died in Pratapgarh, U.P. in a stampede when they were part of a crowd to get free feast, a thali (steel plate) and a sari. But there is no free lunch in this world.


Baba with no saffron robe, thugs people to deposit their 10% income in his bank account to retain his Kripa (blessings).


Nityananda, born as Rajasekaran became Swami Nityananda and head or Muttadhish of Shaivite cult of oldest Hindu Mutt, yet another blot on Hindu religion.


A magician can be labelled as God, only in India. When P. C. Sorcar went to meet him, he produced a gulabjamun from air to eat but Sorcar produced a rosogulla and said I love white and not black sweet. A magician could understand a magician better.


He attracted public ire by saying that Government schools produce Naxalites so give him chance to run all Sarkari schools. Pure business?

Nemichandra Jain alias Chandraswami, a God man, former peon, still manages his charisma in brokerage industry, if you want a petrol pump in any place in India, contact him. World has seen Indian PMs falling at his feet. Don’t forget him for arm’s dealings.


I like his preachings but why does a sanyasi who doesn’t wear a centimeter of cloth needs Z-security?

I sincerely apologise to those Babas who could not find place in this list.
Disclaimer: I don’t own copyright of these pictures. Any infringement to copyright is not intended to cause from this posting.


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9 thoughts on “Baba re Baba

  1. I already read about that article… just contemplating how to enter in this ‘pravachan industry’

  2. Moti Lal on said:


  3. yahi Hindu dharm ki sachai hai jise shradhha-bhavna ne dhak rakha hai, Hindu dharm se yahan matlab Hindu, Jain aur Sikh dharm se hai jinke representative Babaon ka yahan jikra hai

  4. there are videos on utube showing the 9th one down, sai babba, getting ¨sacred ash¨ from up his sleave to the amasement of his followers, but it tottally SHOWS the fake trick

  5. vishal sojitra on said:

    great……………..nice collection…

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