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Cattle class is now a passé

Chanakya was a man of high character and his honesty was unfathomable, once he was busy after sunset in his hut for King’s official work and after completing it he extinguished lamp, and lightened other lamp. One courtier was amused to see this and asked why you have extinguished one lamp to lighten another when both give same amount of light? Chanakya replied, the first lamp was burning on King’s oil and now I have to do my personal work so I have to burn my own oil and not King’s oil!
Such was the days of great statesman who still inspires to imbibe high morality in one’s conduct. In another story from Mahabharata, Acharya Drona was a poor Brahmin who was employed as a Guru in Royal family; despite this he never misused that position to influence any kind of undue patronage. His son Ashwathama was raised as a normal poor kid and his mother used to give him wheat-flour mixed in water to give it appearance of milk which they were not in a position to afford.
Can you imagine such kind of high morality and steadfast behaviour in our politicians and bureaucrats?
Our rich history has seen indomitable honest men of character that ‘We The People of India’ are really ashamed of our tainted ministers. When our politicians get pissed on getting economic class seat in flight they plainly refuse to accommodate by saying I am not from cattle class but how could a common man who earn daily wage of ₹ 200 in urban India or ₹ 100 in rural India live to sustain his family, can he be flown to USA to treat urinary tract infection or get medicated if his children gets ill on State’s exchequer. How could he educate his children and take care of his ailing parents in just ₹ 100 or ₹ 200. One prodigal son of India has recommended ₹ 32 for urban Indian and ₹ 28 for rural Indian to survive above poverty line.
This is the news surfaced in Daily Pioneer. Our Planning Commission has spent ₹ 35 lakh for two loos!
“Prodigal Montek defends splurge on office toilets”

An unapologetic Planning Commission Deputy Chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia on Wednesday refused to acknowledge the stink that splurge of ₹ 35 lakh on upgradation of toilets in his office had generated and justified the criminal wastage as “within the budget”. This despite all-round uproar and the Opposition’s severe criticism of the Plan Panel for such extravaganza.
Ahluwalia not only defended the costly renovation of toilets, but said it was “unfortunate” to call the expenditure as wasteful. It was the same Ahluwalia-led Plan Panel, which had triggered a major controversy by pegging the poverty line at ₹ 28.
While the RTI disclosure on expenditure dents the Government’s austerity claims, Ahluwalia remained unfazed. “This is under the Planning Commission renovation work and within the budget. This is a decision taken by the administration. There is nothing wrong and we have tried to clean up the facilities. If the buildings are being improved, I think this is good,” he told reporters.
He preferred to call the work undertaken as a “major modernisation of toilet blocks in the Planning Commission which is a 50-year-old building” that needed renovation as both plumbing, pipes and electricity works were in bad shape.

During parliament session, in a reply to one MP’s questionnaire revealed that Prodigal son of India was 220 days out of country last year and his per day hotel accommodation cost was ₹ 10 lakh to ₹ 15 lakh. It is astonishing that same prodigal son recommends ₹ 28 to ₹ 32 per day for living above poverty to other sons of India.
© Sushil Kumar
Disclaimer: Cartoons are used only for fair use. Infringement to cartoon’s copyright is not intended.


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One thought on “Cattle class is now a passé

  1. शौचालयों पर 35 लाख के खर्च को अहलूवालिया ने उचित बताया

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