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So, Pinki Pramanik is not capable to commit ‘Rape’. It reminds me of sub-standard Hindi gossip magazine’s scandalous stories in 90’s of kind of Saras Salil, Manohar Kahaniyan & Sathya Kathayein.
A winner of Gold medal in Asian games was subjected to humiliation, hatred and mockery. Before the medical tests Eastern Railways suspended Pinki. Electronic media and Mahila Morchas cried hoarse of their voice and vice. Media raised question on all possible derogatory things and selection procedure for athletes. The accuser who blamed Pinki for sexual assault and constant rape has become one more milestone for the Mahila-brigade who misuse their sexuality to gain a profit or strike a deal at any cost. Well, for me it is immaterial whether Pinki is ‘he’ or ‘she’ but it is a fact that Indian Judiciary has diluted the provision of section 377 IPC because of its misuse by enlightened wives who know by their lawyers that sodomy attracts strict punishment than ‘marital rape’.
In the case of a marital discord and alleged sodomy by a wife of an Air Force officer, Justice Markandey Katju advised the officer ‘if you want to live with peace then you must obey your wife or face the wrath, I am a victim myself!’
Although in India conviction rate for genuine rape cases is very low (around 8%) but India is the country where ‘men can’t be raped’ diktat is still followed and thus women are saved from the stigma of being a rapist. Women of England and other developed countries are not as lucky as their Indian counterpart.
© Sushil Kumar
Photo credit: Times of India


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