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Team Anna Boo-ment

I was utterly unaware of what happened in the first phase of Anna Hazare movement in April, 2011. The nation shook by the call of another freedom from corruption, anarchy and callousness of Congress led UPA government. We saw the undemocratic, inhumane throttling of Baba Ramdev’s agitation in June, 2011. There was lots of politics and drama from both Baba’s side and government’s side. The escapade of Baba in a woman’s attire was much debated and ridiculed but the general perception of common men was that Baba is raising a valid point of bringing back Black money amassed in Swiss Bank which is a darling bank of corrupt politicians from every national party.

Then came August and there was huge support from person of every walk of life and every corner of world watched closely what is happening in India like Tahrir Square of Egypt. The author himself had seen foreigners lending unconditional support and waving Indian flag to a non-violent agitation called as Anshan or Hunger Strike, a powerful weapon used by Mahatma Gandhi against mighty British Empire. Well, August 2011 was most successful phase of Team Anna movement and then began the real roller coaster ride for this movement. Team Anna members started behaving like political pundits having opinion on every little or big thing possible in world or even in human imagination. Their later phase of agitation/hunger strike was a complete disaster in December, 2011 in Mumbai and led to a deep thinking of developing a business module for what to do and not to do to get a movement successful.

Team Anna member had anti-Congress campaign in a bypoll election of Hisar, Haryana where Congress lost the election and this campaign was drawn flak from its founding member Rajender Singh and Aruna Roy who are no more attached to this Team Anna. After the defeat of Congress in Haryana bypoll election, Arvind Kejriwal received stiff resistance and violent protest wherever he went and this stopped him to utter anti-Congress campaign in Uttar Pradesh assembly elections which is a non-attractive destination to Congress since two decades. I am not a Congressi and I don’t support any political ideology in India because of personal hatred to the words ‘politics’ and ‘politicians’ alike.

What I am writing is just a record of matter of facts like an observer. I may be wrong or may be right, it hardly matters. What matters is that Team Anna has raised the voice of middle class of urban India, they neglected rural India and problems of Naxalism affected areas. They simply ignore important issues like terrorism in J&K and insurgency in North-Eastern States. They never raise the cause of labour issues; they never spoke to injustice meted to Dalits, women and minorities. They have only one agenda to emotionally charge urban middle class about corruption. It may be a personal and political vendetta of Kiran Bedi and Arvind Kejriwal for their grudge against government.
What prompted me to write this post is that it might be possible that average Indian may think that Team Anna as a group of swans but they have their own histories of corruptions like getting unfavourable admission of one’s daughter in a medical college, siphoning money for airlines tickets, buying bungalows at throw away prices to evade stamp duty (yet another serious charge), running ghost NGOs and Trusts, accepting funds from Ford Foundation and even accepting money from corrupt people to raise a fight against corruption!
Nevertheless, I want to end my post by saying just one line that those who doesn’t support and respect electoral process by boycotting to cast a vote, they should have no business to raise a political party, not even in their dreams.
© Sushil Kumar


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