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Myths created about Krishna

According to staunch Hindus every day is a festival howsoever small or big one. Only exception is Pitru Paksha in Kunwaar month (dark fortnight of the Ashwin month) of Vikram Samvat calendar in which there is no festivities. Some celebrate Deepawali, some Holi, some Navratras, some Ganesh Chaturthi, and some Maha Shivratri with religious fervour. Few others celebrate Ram Navmi and Janamashtami and wait for these festivals whole year.
Two days earlier I witnessed Janamashtami in ISKCON Delhi, it is biggest festival for ISKCON people. What surprises me is that no one is interested in reading holy scriptures like Mahabharata or Vedas but they tend to apotheosis Krishna as Lord Krishna or misspelt Krsna (even Microsoft word recognises it as a bad spelling) as a supreme Godhead. But friends wait have a look on what is written in Mahabharata. Krishna was a Shiva devotee like other characters in Mahabharata.
Text is from Vyasa’s Mahabharatam by Bharadvaja Sarma, page no. 746-747, “Anusasana Parva – The Book of Precepts, Chapter I, (f) Boon obtained by Krishna from Shiva and Parvati”
Yudhisthira said to Bhishma, “Grandfather, you know all the names and attributes of the lord of the world, the great god Shankara (another name of Shiva). I would very much like to hear those names.” And Bhishma said, “I am not really competent to do that. Sitting with us here is Vasudeva; Krishna himself. Once he propitiated the great god by doing penance at the hermitage in Vadarika. He alone is capable of telling us all about him.” Bhishma then requested Krishna to recount the greatness of Shiva. And Krishna said, “Even the illustrious gods like Brahma and Indra and eminent sages do not know all about the manifold qualities of the great god – let alone men. I can only touch on this vast subject.”
Krishna then purified himself by touching water and began his discourse on the great god Shiva.
“Long ago I had the privilege of seeing him in person. My wife Jambavati once asked me, “Give me a son as desirable as any of the sons you have given Rukmini. You have given her as many as eight – Charudsena, Sucharu, Charuvesa, Yasodhara, Charusrava, Charuyasa, Pradyumna and Sambhu. Give me just one like any one of them.”
To fulfil her wish I took leave of my father and mother, the king Ahuka and my brother Balarama and then riding my mount Garuda I came to the Himalayas and then dismissing Garuda I found my way through lovely surroundings to the forest retreat of a sage called Upamanyu, son of the great sage Byaghrapada and told him about the purpose of my visit. He said, “You can accomplish your purpose by worshipping the great god Shiva. He is at the present moment living close by together with his consort Parvati. You know, Krishna, when I was mere a boy, I wanted very much to have a taste of a delicious dish prepared with milk and rice and I asked my mother to give it to me. And she prepared for me a dish with flour and water which barely resembled milk pudding. Earlier I had tasted rice pudding and knew how rice pudding should taste and I found out immediately that my mother did not give me what I had asked for, and I complained about it and my mother pitifully said, “My son, we are poor hermits, we do not have cows, how can I prepare the dish you ask for? You can have your wish fulfilled if you can please the great god Shankara.” After what my mother told me I did penance for many years. You can see what I got by his grace. I have become handsome, ever youthful, omniscient and immune to diseases and now with all my kinsmen and friends I can have rice pudding every day – rice cooked with milk and it tastes like ambrosia. The great lord is living very close to my hermitage and I have the wonderful privilege of seeing him every day and night. I can see with my divine vision that after only six months you will see him and obtain from him and his wife Parvati as many as twenty-four boons.”
Krishna counted the story saying, “I was so very amazed hearing about Shiva’s greatness. I asked the sage Uapamanyu to have me as his disciple and having initiation at his feet I had had my hair shaved, smeared myself with ghee, and wearing the customary rags woven of grass, the appropriate attire of a hermit, I performed severe austerities for six months.
For one month I lived on fruits; in the second month I lived on water only. In the third, the fourth and the fifth month I survived consuming only air. All these months I stood on one leg only, with my arms raised upwards and without any sleep at all. And then I saw a circle of radiance, as dazzling as thousand suns put together in one cluster, and in the centre a huge mass of blue cloud encircled by many rainbows. And within that cloud stood Shiva with his spouse Parvati by his side. I fell at their feet and recited verses in praise of him and then related to him my purpose. He granted me eight boons – firm faith in righteousness, the power to destroy the enemy in battle, great fame, supreme strength, complete control over the practise of Yoga, popularity among people, closeness to the great god and hundreds of sons. And his consort Parvati also granted me eight boons I asked for. Freedom from anger towards the Brahmins, father’s blessings, hundreds of sons, supreme enjoyment, love for my kinsmen, mother’s love, peace of mind, and skill – were the eight boons she gave me, and moreover she said that I would have one thousand and eight loving wives, I would have unending supply of rice and other grains, I would be beloved of friends, I would have a supple body and that I would feed everyday seven thousand guests at my home.

Having obtained all these boons I came back to Upamanyu and told him about them. He was very happy and related at length the greatness, grandeur and glory of the great god Shiva and sang in praise of him reciting all the one hundred and eight names by which he is known including the not so familiar ones like, Sthira, Sthanu, Prabhu, Pravara, Varada, Vara Sarvatma, etc. By the way, I got Samba by my wife Jambavati as a result of my prayer and devotion to the great god Shiva.”
So, it has been proved that Krishna was just an incarnation who got a boon by Mahadeva and he (or He) got it by doing penance and severe austerities.
Disclaimer: So-called Krishna devotees please don’t argue. Any religious discourse would not be entertained.
Image Credit: Amar Chitra Katha


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6 thoughts on “Myths created about Krishna

  1. “The process of myth-making is best illustrated in the gradual transformation of Krishna, leader of a clan and a Machiavellian statesman in the original story, into a universally worshipped godhead.”
    Vyasa’s Mahabharatam by Bharadvaja Sarma, page no. 15.
    (Collins dictionary, Machiavellian – adj. cleverly deceitful and unscrupulous. History – after Machiavelli, political philosopher)

    • Sir i belong to Nath Yogi tradition ,Shiva is our kul guru and from him our disciplinic succession has started , and he himself has descended many times to teach our acharyas about yoga and devotion.But he have never told anyone that he is supreme, he always represented himself as Adi yogi and a devotee of Lord Hari.If Shiva is Yogieshwar then Krishna is Yogeswar .If one is Jagannath than other is Bhutnath and those who really realize this are also liberated.The supreme Goal of Life is to have love for Krishna .Try to see and learn things as they this is what yoga teaches us.

  2. THANKYOU for spreading this knowledge. i am white american woman who 7 yrs ago followed Krishna and ¨iskon¨ (evil), for 5 yrs before that. as a well-read person, i am SHOCKED how iskon and the ¨krishnas¨ have been trying to utterly destroy, by misinterpretation, the Hindu religion here in the west! i tell you its so disturbing they actually take over and actually erase some importaint facts right off of the internet!! they are so badly overzealous and dogmatic, they remind me of the christians, killing people and taking over native religions!!! there is no Goddess in their ¨religion¨, that was my first red flag. i have many (had) krishna bhakti friends who would put down the Great God,the God Who All Gods Worship, and call HIM a demigod?? very sad. either its crazy white people (i am 100% white) or sometimes i relate it to the story in the Shiva Puranas when Vishnu has to create a profit of a fake religion, to go in to the demons’ city, to shake their faith in Lord Shiva and eventually destroy the ¨demons’¨ (?who knows what that word even REALLY meant, in that case) bhakti so that Shiva wasnt worshipped any more and then He was not protecting them. then Vishnu says to him (the fake profit–who is too scared to even walk on an ant on the ground((=vegitarianism=krishna ate meat it says in kalikaya purannas, arjuna was a hunter,not sacred cow, but this will be another rant one day lol) anyways Vishnu said to this heriticical fake proffit that he created to destroy the demons worship of Lord Shiva, that he after he destroyed that, he would hide in the desert UNTIL THE DAWN OF THE KALI YUGA, WHERE TRUE DHARMA SCARCELY SURVIVES, AND THEN HE WOULD PROSPER,THE AGE AFTER HIS OWN HEART!!!!! so that to me is all the crazy religions right now, not least of all the CRAZY INSANE iskon, who would erase history for its own merrit. thankyou so much, kind Sir, for speaking the Truth, for sticking up for my God Shiva, The Most Generous, Sensitive, and Kind Hearted God, with all of these crazy krishna people all over the net. yours trully, a Shivabhakta(and Shakti!) forever—guess why- ‘cus i worshipped krishna AND LORD SHIVA SHOWED UP!

  3. nithya on said:


    Thank u very much for writing this.

    I just had a verbal fight with a gang of krishna bhakts online. I was arguing about the evil deeds krishna did in order to kill off kurus & to install a yadava blood (subhadra’s grandchild) as the emperor. Reading Mahabharat (even though English translation) was an eye opener to me. When ever pandavs deceitfully kill some one, krishna says it was for ‘dharma sthapana’ & all those who oppose him r tagged evil/adharmis ! Simple strategy.

    Krishna before killing Karna said, he insulted panchali, killed abhimanyu etc. But what insult did Karna did to Panchali ? He said that ” a woman with more than 3 sexual partners, ACCORDING TO SHASTRAS, is considered a characterless woman”. In the initial chapters, Kunti says the same thing to Madri who desired more kids by again invoking Aswani Devas for niyoga ! Later Kunti gets panchali married to her 5 sons on the pretext of ”keeping unity” ! (Kauravs were 101 in number, yet they never had any unity issues !) So what happened to her belief & denial to Madri ? By the way, how many partners did Kunti herself had : Surya, Pandu, Yam, Pavan, Indra ! yes, 5 men.
    So when Karna quoted the texts, he suddenly became an ”adharmi” ! Krishna said he killed Abhimanyu, but in reality was killed by Dusshaasan’s son in a one to one mace fight. Karna just broke his bow, AT THE ORDER OF DRONA. If i quotes all incidents, i will run out of space. Mahabharat clearly shows the double standards of krishna.

    Out of Trimurti, i only consider Mahadev Shiva as God. Brahma has kept his daughter as sexual partner, again hit on another daughter for which he was punished by Mahadev. Bramha ejaculated semen, when he saw the feet of Sati (his grand daughter) during her wedding with Mahadev, for which Mahadev again punished him. Vishnu, did so many crimes to cheat Asuras out of their deserved share of previleges. He even slept with his own devotee in order to make her lose her pathivrithya, so that her husband can be killed !

    The real God MAHADEV has been relegated by these extremist krishna/vishnu devotees. But truth can’t be hidden for ever, it will come out one day. I am glad that more people r realizing the cleverly propogated lies.

  4. truthseeker on said:

    Haha thx for the infos.

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