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Khurshid Khan: a messenger of communal harmony

Staunch Hindus always grumble about religious conversions, atrocities on Hindu minorities in Pakistan and Bangladesh but in reality most of them don’t want to see other religious communities to prosper. Thankfully Indian media has noticed the plight of a senior Pakistani lawyer, Khurshid Khan who was dismissed from the post of Deputy Attorney General for doing services like washing utensils and polishing shoes in Golden Temple.
If you argue about the patriotism of Muslims, these Hindus will come with age old formulas to bash Muslims like they promote terrorism, jihads, support Pakistani cricket team, bursting crackers on their winning matches and growing population at indiscriminate rate. These are all bogus issues; even they blame Jinnah for the creation of Pakistan which is wholly wrong History. I am writing these few lines because I met Hindu extremists daily, who have no faith in Constitution of India, no respect for democracy, no compassion for poor and Dalits. On last Sunday I met a Hindu fanatic who was abusing India in the most cowardice manner and held high his religion and diktats of his religious Guru to go on any extent, even to murder someone if it would be his holy Guru’s so-called divine instruction. I find no difference in Talibanis and Hindu fanatics but there are always few good people from both communities whose motto in life is to bridge the gap between the distrust and hatred for each other.
I salute these people. May the almighty give strength and perseverance to such people and there should be peace on this beautiful earth.
News report from Indian Express –
“Dismissed Pak DAG to serve Hindus in Sindh”
A senior Pakistani lawyer who was dismissed from government job for performing voluntary service at Indian shrines had said he intends to serve Hindu families in Sindh to promote interfaith harmony and the soft image of Muslims.
Khurshid Khan, who was recently removed from the post of Deputy Attorney General after he angered lawyers’ associations by washing dishes and polishing shoes at Indian shrines, told reporters in Peshawar that he would travel to Jacobabad in Sindh as part of his “sevadari mission”.
Reports had suggested that dozens of Hindu families from Jacobabad intended to migrate to India due to forced conversions and kidnapping for ransom. Pakistani immigration authorities on Friday barred a group of about 250 Hindus from travelling to India but later allowed them to cross the Wagah border.
Khan said he intended to serve the Hindu community which was unhappy with “elements in the local Muslim community” in Jacobabad. “I will stay in Jacobabad and Sukkur till Eid-ul-Fitr to serve the Hindu families in the area,” he told The News daily.
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2 thoughts on “Khurshid Khan: a messenger of communal harmony

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    Thank you again, and have a lovely day, my friend! 🙂

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