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Eid moon

During my childhood days in Allahabad, moon sighting for Eid festival was a festival in itself. Now it’s impossible to catch moon in Delhi’s polluted sky. Maulvis rely on moon-sighting at Lucknow or Hyderabad. Islam, the only religion in world which is based on equality of humankind has propagated to observe a month long of fast in holy month Ramadan. The idea behind this month long fasting was to feel hunger and poverty and to thank Allah, the almighty for being so kind for providing everything.
Eid moon over Mt. Tamalpais
(Eid moon over Mt. Tamalpais, Image Credit: Flickr and the copyright owner – Peterroopnarine)

I must say that the religious fervour and mutual respect for each other’s religion which is called as Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb of Northern India will be missed by future generations. I have ate loads of sweet-vermicellis (sewayeeins) in my childhood which I missing since a decade. I am still puzzled why our neighbouring aunts gave ‘us’ Eidi (cash amount paid to kids on Eid) without any discrimination to Muslim kids or Hindu kids. In those good days Hindu families were not used to cook dinner in their kitchen for 2 days of Eid and Muslim families too enjoyed dishes on Holi-Deepawali in Hindu neighbourhood.
Lots of water has passed under the bridge after sad episode of 1992 which has caused serious dent in Hindu-Muslim brotherhood. Anyway major festivals are welcomed by both communities; hope that these few good days will bridge the gap between two major religions of India.
Let’s pray that peace and love will be bestowed by the Almighty on this beautiful planet earth.


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5 thoughts on “Eid moon

  1. Deepak sharma on said:

    hope that these few good days will bridge the gap between two major religions of India.

    Let’s pray that peace and love will be bestowed by the Almighty on this beautiful planet earth.


  2. Yeah! Pray let there be peace between all communities.

  3. Well written…
    But it’s sad to read your observation that segregation has increased among Hindus and Muslims… My feeling though is that the majority of Indians want better relations.
    The question is, what is preventing people from reaching out to the other side? Don’t both religions say that the meaning of being good is to help the other?

    • From my personal experience I could say that most of the people I met are ignorant of their religious scriptures. They have ready-made lists of things which is bad in other’s religious faith and they get offended if asked handful of questions about their religion or why they celebrate a festival, most of them don’t know irrespective of their religions. It would be superficial to say that there is no distrust between the two communities. It’s a fact that Muslims have been denied Govt. jobs, 20% of population is representing just 2% of Govt. job. There is State sponsored pogrom after every 10 years whether it is Gujarat, U.P. or Assam.
      If we read Premchand’s short stories then it seems to belong some other eon. Most of the stories are bind by the thread of love and mutual respect. On every Eid I remember ‘Hamid ka chimta’ of Eidgaah. Thankfully Indian film and music industry is the only field where religion hardly matters.

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