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exodus (eks-so-duss) the departure of large number of people

HISTORY Greek ex out + hodos way

Exodus n Bible the second book of the Old Testament, containing a description of the departure of the Israelites from Egypt.
(Collins International Dictionary, page no. 288)

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Since last week we have seen exodus of 30,000 North-Easterners from Bangalore and also from Chennai, Hyderabad and Pune. But what prompted these compatriots to flee from their favourite city of education and employment to their hometown? News agencies says it was mere a rumour of death threats that after the Ramadan month will be over and Eid celebrated, Muslims will attack North-Easterners to avenge the killings of Muslims of Assam and Myanmar.

But according to me it was same electronic media who blown out of proportion a news of minor girl’s molestation returning from Beer-Bar in State capital of Assam. They highlighted this news repeatedly and such incident though a grotesque one caused a much furore. The same group of journalist and human rights activists are not so vocal on the plight of both Bodos and Muslims who have become a victim of politicization and ethnic hatred. These electronic media groups are like vultures who survive on dead remains. They have no redressal mechanism to check rumours and hatred, they always wait for something unwanted, never seen before incident howsoever gruesome if it is created in a manner shown in the Bond film ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’. They create sensation, and they earn every loaf of bread by this sensationalism.
There was some good advice from human rights activists Teesta Setalvad and Zaved Anand that electronic media should not show negative news and should avoid creating panic. But in reality it would be useless to expect anything good from Indian electronic media.
The only hope is that average Indian is tolerant and still respects few values unseen in other part of developed world. The same people are the two faces of problem and solution.
The funniest part of this exodus was that the situation would have been different if there was gag order on politicians to not make any appeal to North-Easterners to stay back in Bangalore. According to common belief a common man would prefer to die rather than to believe a politicians word!

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