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Mother Manushi Swakchnarayani empowering poor businessmen!

We have seen so many high profile protests against corruption or bringing back black money agitation that we have almost lost hope to eliminate corruption, only because people involved in anti-corruption protests are corrupt themselves!
But friends, every cloud has a silver lining. There is one good news from Delhi, capital city of India that poor, uneducated and struggling hawkers are led by one NGO, where they are bound by oath not to bribe Police or corrupt officials. They are footpath vendors selling cloths, books, puri-sabzi-samosa, music CDs, small tools and equipment which are needed to overhaul computer hard disk or any electrical gazette; they have one thing common that they are not rich traders who own big or small pucca shop. It is amusing that when State fails to provide security to small time businessmen, they are being protected by one Samaritan – Madhu Kishwar

She provides free legal aid and advocacy to vulnerable, poor section of society and women who earn their livelihood by self-employment. Through her umbrella organisation – Manushi Trust, she empowers poor businessmen from exploitation from Police and bureaucracy.

I have seen these small time businessmen assembling in Wednesday weekly evening prayer under Peepul tree, glorifying Goddess Manushi who is considered as new avatar of Goddess Durga, protecting them from demons of Govt. officials and Police. She has ten-hand having ten different non-violent weapons which we use in our daily life –
1. Broom – signifies cleanliness and unity.
2. Calculator – signifies honesty in trade and inquiring Govt. about tax collected by citizens.
3. Alarm clock – it messages to adapt with time and amend laws with current requirements.
4. Conch shell – denotes war cry for social justice and self-respect.
5. Pen – it is mightier than sword and baton.
6. Barley – signifies prosperity and development.
7. Coin – denotes birth-right to fearless, bribery-less mode of employment with respect and pride.
8. Weigh – denotes trust in social equity, self-discipline and fair justice.
9. Camera – struggle for justice.
10. Lamp – signifies hope for enlightenment from darkness and disparity.
This small market of hawkers is a ray of hope to fight against atrocities committed on poor vendors only because they are poor and uneducated. It reminds me Shri Ramkrishna Paramhans’s teaching that a broom may be unworthy but it makes sanctorum of temple worthy to be worshiped. This very broom which hawkers are praying is a symbol of unity and it shows that howsoever small a thing is but it is not unworthy!

But our small towns are not so much luckier, they have goons in uniform which is called as Police and they can become monstrous for only ₹ 50 (lesser than 1 US $) as shown in today by IBN7, a Hindi news channel, showing Uttar Pradesh Police in uniform romping motor bike on chest of poor vegetable vendor in Allahabad.
“A policeman has been caught on camera riding his motorbike on the chest of a vegetable vendor in Allahabad for not giving Rs 50 as bribe.”
Caught on camera: Allahabad cops ride bike on vendor’s chest. You can watch the video clip in this link –

I pray to God and educated class of our society that this kind of good work for empowering poor men to self-employment and legal protection must be multiplied in every small town city of India. Such legal aid is better than all kind of philanthropy. It is a popular Chinese saying that – give a fish to poor man and he will feed him for a day but train him to catch fish and he will never seek for alms.

How meaningful is this song for the post

(हमारी ही मुट्ठी में आकाश सारा
जब भी खुलेगी चमकेगा तारा
कभी न ढ़ले जो… वो ही सितारा
दिशा जिस से पहचाने संसार सारा

हथेली पे रेखाएं हैं सब अधूरी
किस ने लिखी हैं नहीं जानना है
सुलझाने उनको न आयेगा कोई
समझना है उनको ये अपना कर्म है

अपने कर्म से दिखाना है सबको
ख़ुद का पनपना… उभारना है ख़ुद को
अँधेरा मिटाए जो नन्हा शरारा
दिशा जिस से पहचाने संसार सारा

हमारे पीछे कोई आये न आये
हमें ही तो पहले पहुँचना वहाँ है
जिन पर है चलना नई पीढ़ियों को
उन्हीं रास्तों को बनाना हमें है
जो भी साथ आये उन्हें साथ ले ले
अगर न कोई साथ दे तो अकेले
सुलगा के ख़ुद को मिटा ले अँधेरा
दिशा जिस से पहचाने संसार सारा)

© Sushil Kumar


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One thought on “Mother Manushi Swakchnarayani empowering poor businessmen!

  1. हमारे पीछे कोई आये न आये
    हमें ही तो पहले पहुँचना वहाँ है
    जिन पर है चलना नई पीढ़ियों को
    उन्हीं रास्तों को बनाना हमें है
    जो भी साथ आये उन्हें साथ ले ले
    अगर न कोई साथ दे तो अकेले
    सुलगा के ख़ुद को मिटा ले अँधेरा
    दिशा जिस से पहचाने संसार सारा)

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