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Delhi Book Fair 2012

In my childhood days of small town Allahabad, I was delighted in awe to watch news on Doordarshan about Delhi’s Book Fair. Those days even boring news were so colourful in B&W television. So, friends Delhi’s Pragati Maidan which is managed by ITPO – India Trade Promotion Organisation holds book fair of many kinds. Most popular are ‘World Book Fair’ which is biannual during February – March every next year and ‘Delhi Book Fair’ every year in the month of September, promoted by National Book Trust. Besides these two book fairs, Bengali book lovers organize Bengali book fair in West Bengal pavilion of Pragati Maidan.

Sahitya Akademi’s stall

Rajpal and Sons stall

Moti Lal Banarasi Das’s stall

Al Hasanat Books (Pvt.) Ltd.

Bhartiya Jnanpith

Gautam Book Centre’s stall

I want to add that most of the upper-caste people hate Dr. Ambedar and have a prerogative and prejudiced opinion that he was father of reservation in India. But that is not the truth, although he was not interested in upliftment of Hindu religion and he embraced Buddhism in his later life. He has done more good than Swami Vivekananda and Raja Ram Mohan Roy for annihilating caste hierarchy and renaissance of Hinduism. It is written in Bhagvad Gita that Varna-Ashram is created on the basis of ‘Guna-Karma-Vibhag’ means property; work and distribution of work but vested interest had turned it as most heinous system of caste and class found in any civilization. Now we see that a boy born in Brahmin family becomes a Brahmin by birth but not by his deeds.

Vani Prakashan’s stall

Hind Pocket Books stall

National Book Trust’s stall

Gita Press Gorakhpur’s Stall

Kitab Ghar Prakashan

Uday Prakash – 21st century’s Prem Chand

Sandeep Publisher & Distributor

Charles Dickens, the undisputed king of story teller of all time.

Bapu – the ultimate darling of book lovers.

In this book fair, I have keenly observed that two Mahatmas (noble person) – Mahatma Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi have emerged as triumphant in the category of all-time favourite authors. It is a victory of non-violence, compassion and truth. It proves that book lovers have special feelings for the heroes who have changed the path of History. If you visit to any book stall, then you find Bapu attracting you with his witty smile. And Buddha was most enlightened person who walked in this world. He never claimed to be a God or messenger of God. He was just a teacher who showed right path to the truth seekers. No doubt, books on the teachings of Buddha are still selling like hot-cakes. But these person were not story tellers or novelist, how they are inspiring whole world is a surprising puzzle. These great souls had no artificiality in their thoughts. They did what they preached. That’s the reason why they are real Mahatmas!

My prized possession.

Though I don’t know what the literal meaning of secularism is and I don’t know either what a secular person is. But I got books from three different religions – Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism. In last book fair of February, I got bundles of books on and of Bible.
I have very fond memory of last book fair when I got tired and felt hungry and nothing suitable food item was available inside Pragati Maidan other than dirty & unhygienic sandwiches. So, there was a Sikh religious Khalsa-panthis from Punjab who were there to support their book stall and they distributed four ladoos to everyone and it was really out of world and yummy ladoos!
As a book lover, the best compliment I got from a book seller friend who said I must be a Bengali who used to spend a lot of money on books!
© Sushil Kumar


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6 thoughts on “Delhi Book Fair 2012

  1. VIOLETA on said:

    Book heaven!!! Omg, so many books… I’d have to bring a cart with me to carry all the books I’d buy. 😀

  2. This is heaven. I could just live in a library full of books and attend a great festival like this. Thank you, Sushil Kumar. I would love to attend any festivals like this when I visit India in the future. 🙂

    Subhan Zein

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