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To bacco or not to bacco?

When I travel in State owned Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) buses, it becomes hell like experience with nauseating affects. It’s not the stench of labourers which causes me trouble but it is the foul smell of tobacco chewing poor fellows which become just intolerable and it becomes very disgusting when they exhale in front of your mouth in a crowded bus.
We have seen a recent order of Supreme Court of India in which Dr Pankaj Chaturvedi from Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai has fought a legal battle which culminated the prohibition of the sale of gutkha and paan masala. Our judges, politicians and bureaucrats are cleverest creed of foxes ever present in world. They have curbed the sale and not the manufacturing of these health-deteriorating tobacco products. It means directly or indirectly our Judiciary and government will promote black-marketing of these tobacco products.

But our Supreme Court of India is full of black & white morons who dictate ban on cigarette smoking and selling of tobacco products within one hundred yard of an educational institute or hospital but it has its own gallery of chain smokers in front of Judge’s library!
Tax collected from liquor and tobacco products are the chief sources of revenue to State governments in India but the money spent on liver cirrhosis, lung cancer, throat cancer, oesophagus cancer and buccal cavity cancer is much more to public and government owned hospitals.
There is one old Indian saying that police says to thief do your work and ‘sleep well’ to public.
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One thought on “To bacco or not to bacco?

  1. Ch’garh woman chooses gutka over husband
    Chandigarh, September 24, 2012, DHNS:

    Her choice

    ‘Gutkha’ has caused ‘cancer’ in the relationship of a couple in Haryana after the wife refused to give up chewing the banned substance.

    The former love birds are now seeking divorce after several rounds of fights over the issue.

    Police said the wife told them that she would prefer the ‘Gutkha’ even if it meant leaving her husband.

    The Bhiwani police, probing the case, are flummoxed given the intricacies of the case that surfaced on Saturday when the couple were asked to report at the station for a mutual settlement. While Bhiwani resident Sunita (name concealed) charged her husband and her in-laws of harassing her for dowry, even beating her many times, a starling fact came to light when the couple were made to talk about their contentious issues for an amicable settlement, the police said. The husband, who earns about Rs 6,000 every month, claims the “conflict is over my wife’s addiction to ‘Gutkha’”.

    He said Sunita consumed several packets of ‘Gutkha’ everyday without realising that her addition was digging a hole in his pocket. The crime against women cell of the local police said Sunita admitted to her “uncontrolled” habit of consuming ‘Gutkha’ but accused her husband of beating her and harassing her for dowry.

    The husband said he slapped Sunita twice, but he did it after she refused to stop chewing ‘Gutkha’, the police said.

    Unable to resolve the issue, the couple have filed a divorce petition.

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