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How much is too much to criticise?

It is favourite banter to criticize our government and politicians. We all know that most of our politicians are corrupt and government favours corporate world and loots public at large. We tend to feel that we are not the part of our government. We Indians have an impeccable image of our Prime Minister as a silent teddy bear or a robot who is run by remote control. But friends, today I have realized that there should be a limit to our criticism because our Prime Minister is people’s representative and personification of a true democracy. He deserves more respect than anybody else in country. Only a drunkard could feel that he is above the post of Prime Minister.
Criticising a Prime Minister is easiest thing a person could do but how many of us have ever written a postcard of fifty paisa to Prime Minister Office to acquaint him of our noble thoughts. Do we really care about the country more than the PM?
I witnessed today an ‘International Academic Conference – 2012, Economic Growth and Change of Corporate Environment in Asia’ at Vigyan Bhawan which was presided by Prime Minister of India and co-chaired by eminent law professors and corporates from thirteen South-Eastern Asian countries.

Before the speech of Prime Minister, one lawyer stood on desk sloganeering ‘Prime Minister go back’ and took his shirt-off. I know it may be a kind of amusement and entertainment to many television viewers and news channel mongers. But our Prime Minister is a Prime Minister who is just not holding a titular post and he is also a dignified, thorough gentleman, he deserves some respect. To mock a Prime Minister is akin to mock our country on world platform. It must be a critical situation to place yourself in place of Prime Minister to face such condition.
This was the first day when I saw Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, deputy chairman planning commission Montek Singh Ahluwalia and finance minister P Chidamabaram in blood and bone apart from cartoons in newspapers and magazines. But these people are not cartoons in real life; they are as human as we are. They have their private life apart from professional life, they are scapegoat to public ire because they are in a post which you are reluctant to hold.
From today’s experience I learnt a lesson that before mocking someone, place yourself in his position and think not twice but hundreds of time for criticising only for the sake of criticism.
Always remember that statues are never erected for critics and history too doesn’t give them their share. The more you are holding a bigger public office, the more you have to face bigger humiliations. To hold a sword of Damocles is not a child’s play.
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2 thoughts on “How much is too much to criticise?

  1. जी हाँ सहि बात है कुछ भि केह्ने से पेहले जरा सोच ले,
    और उस भले मनुस के बारे मे भि बता दु, वो भाइ साब को हाइ कोर्ट ने प्रधान मन्त्री के उपर केस दाल्ने के लिये एक लाख रु जुर्माना भी लगाया था,
    और ये भाइ साब ब जे पी कर्यालय के बाहर हङामा करने के लिये बि ज पी कर्याकर्ताओ ने पितायि कि थि।
    के ति अस तुलसि ने भि आज इसकि भर्तस्ना कि, और शायद आगे भि और सभ्या लोग समर्थन मे आगे आये।
    जनता सरकार से नाराज है मगर इस तरिके से विरोध नहि होना चाहिये।

  2. के टी एस तुलसी साहब और साक्षात् हम स्वयं उस सभा में मौजूद थे, जो हुआ बहुत दुखद था। ये विरोध का कोई तरीका नहीं है और अंतर्राष्ट्रीय जगत में बदनामी तो हमारे देश की ही होती है। हमारे शास्त्रों में राजा को पिता से भी ज्यादा सम्मानीय बताया गया है लेकिन आजकल शास्त्र पढ़ता ही कौन है और हमारी भारतीय संस्कृति तो ऐसे ही मौकों पर तार-तार हो जाती है।

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