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Mundane life of a lesser mortal depicted in a soulful song or bhajan

Vasihnava cult which was predominated by Bengali saint-poets has indomitable influence on millions of devotees. The song which I want to discuss today was composed by Shrila Bhaktivinoda Thakura of West Bengal. This song depicts the bitter truth of life that after enjoying all materialistic gains in his life a man realizes in his later life that he has wasted it only for sense gratification and sinful activities.

amara jivana, sada pape rata, nahika punyera lesha
parere udvega, diyachi je kata, diyachi jivere klesha (1)

Throughout my whole life I have been addicted to sin, never performing any pious activities. I have simply been a source of disturbance and suffering to others.
nija sukha lagi’, pape nahi dari, daya-hina svartha-para
para sukhe duhkhi, sada mithya-bhashi, para-duhkha sukha kara (2)

For my own pleasure I never fear to commit any sin. I am devoid of pity and full of selfishness; I’m sorry at others’ happiness and am an inveterate liar. Indeed, I take delight in others’ miseries.
ashesha kamana, hridi majhe mora, krodhi dambha-parayana
mada-matta sada, vishaye mohita, himsa-garva vibhushana (3)

Endless are the selfish desires in my heart. I am prone to anger and devoted to arrogance. Intoxicated by conceit and deluded by attraction to sense pleasure, I ornament myself with pride and envy.
nidralasya-hata, sukarye virata, akarye udyogi ami
pratishtha lagiya, shathya-acarana, lobha-hata sada kami (4)

Afflicted by laziness and sleep, adverse to pious activities, I delight to perform any harmful act to obtain name and fame. I am very dept in duplicity, always lusty and degraded by mundane greed.
e hena durjana, sajjana-varjita, aparadhi nirantara
shubha-karya-shunya, sadanartha-mana, nana duhkhe jara jara (5)

Being such a miscreant and rejected by saintly persons, I have become a repeated offender. I never do good deeds but am inclined only to bad habits. Thus, I am oppressed by so many miseries.
vardhakye ekhana, upaya vihina, ta’te dina akincana
bhakativinoda, prabhura carane, kare duhkha nivedana (6)

Now in old age I am rendered helpless, reduced to a fallen and destitute condition. Bhaktivinoda presents his sad case at the feet of the Lord.

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7 thoughts on “Mundane life of a lesser mortal depicted in a soulful song or bhajan

  1. amaar jiwana
    adbhut aur pyara
    hare krishna

  2. हम सब पापी हैं लेकिन अपने आप को सबसे बड़ा पुण्यात्मा समझते हैं, इससे बड़ी विड़म्बना क्या होगी तात श्री ?

  3. Ur blog is good, congrats and keep going!

  4. All glories to Shrila Bhaktivinoda Thakura and International Society for Krishna Consciousness’s founder Srila Prabhupada who made the life of millions of people worth living with peace of mind and sense of devotional services to supreme personality of Godhead Shri Krishna. 🙂

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