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Greatness comes from humility

Once there was a benevolent king who was on his way with cavalry. An old lady beggar threw stone to him out of poverty and poor state of mind. That stone hurt the nose of king and he was wounded. The angered Army Chief arrested the lady beggar and produced her to the king. The king wished her calmly and gifted prized jewels. This surprised the Army Chief and he asked why you have rewarded her for stoning. She was your criminal indeed. King said when someone stones a fruit-laden tree he always gives fruits so what a subject should expect from a king whom she has stoned!
Now our modern kings in democratic republic think themselves as ‘maai-baap’, the supreme lord who thinks that he is not a servant to his subject but their master. Once Dr. Zakir Hussain was Vice-Chancellor of Jamia Millia Islamia and he was deeply disheartened by his students who were good in studies but not sober in dress, they came to the institution with no ironing of clothes and untidy shoes. So, one day he decided to sit on main gate with shoe-polish and brush; and for every untidy shoe he offered to polish it. Out of utter disbelief with this humble gesture, all students vowed to come to college with shiny shoes and sober clothes. This was the humility of a true son of India who rose to become Vice-President and then first Muslim President of India. He was awarded with highest civilian award, Bharat Ratna. Country still remembers him as a true freedom fighter and academician par excellence. But his maternal grandson is very arrogant and stubborn and he is in habit of getting caught in controversies and scandals. I think it would be pointless to name this person as everyone knows him as current Law minister. The moral of the above two stories is that one could achieve greatness only by simplicity and humbleness; and arrogance spoils the year long struggle of a man just because no one loves a barking dog, but rather a tail wagging dog melts the heart.
People love Jesus not for his opulence but for his tattered clothes and crown of thorns. Krishna chose to drive Arjuna’s chariot out of humbleness. Ram is never shown as a king god with glittering jewels but a poor forest dweller in his simplest attire. People don’t connect to a person because what he wears or how much wealth he owns but only to his conduct and humility.

There is one story of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu who was in Puri to get the glimpse of Lord Jagannatha and in the crowd one beggar leaped to get placed him on the shoulder of Mahaprabhu for a better glance of deity. That was the humility of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu who allowed the beggar to sit on his shoulder. But most of us will never like to be touched by a beggar.
I just want to draw the attention that if we get something in our life achieved by struggle then we want to be treated as someone special. In the rat race to be a winner and someone special we lose to become a common man which the Law minister ridiculed as third-rate, guttersnipe.

© Sushil Kumar


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5 thoughts on “Greatness comes from humility

  1. great thought in simple words..indeed humility is the greatest virtue..

  2. Thank you very much. We all wanted to be treated as VIP but the true feeling of joy comes from being humble and serving as servants to others. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu said this in his famous poetry, Śikshāshtakam –
    तृणादपि सुनीचेन तरोरपि सहिष्णुना।
    अमानिना मानदेन कीर्तनीयः सदा हरिः ॥३॥
    स्वयं को तृण से भी छोटा समझते हुए, वृक्ष जैसे सहिष्णु रहते हुए, कोई अभिमान न करते हुए और दूसरों का सम्मान करते हुए सदा श्रीहरि का भजन करना चाहिए॥३॥
    “Trinad api sunicena
    Taror api sahishnuna
    Amanina manadena
    Kirtaniyah sada harihi”
    “O my mind, be hum­bler than a blade of grass;
    Be patient and for­bear­ing like the tree;
    Take no honor to thy­self, give honor to all;
    Chant unceas­ingly the name of the Lord.”

  3. It can be said that motivation comes from fear, ego, hope and of course love. Overcoming the first is very difficult, separating ourselves from our ego equally difficult, continuing to believe without hope impossible, understanding the struggles of the first three leaves one with the final option. Love. Love with humility. Love with forgiveness and Love with understanding. A slow path but a fruitful one my dear friend! Your heart is in the right place. Thank you.

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