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Mataism or Matawad!

While conversing to a friend of JNU (Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University) I have coined a new term – ‘Matawadis’ which resembles to ‘Maowadis’. Both followers of Mao and Mata have sanctified violence. Peculiar Bongs (Hindu Bengalis) love to have blood and meat on their plate 365 days a year whereas Northern Indian Matawadis shun even onion-garlic in their wildest imagination during two Navratras. I have same degree of respect & disrespect for both Maowadis and Matawadis. Maowadis protect our green belt and lung of India’s geographical areas whereas Matawadis pollute water bodies while immersing their lakhs of Matas creating havoc to ecology of water body. Though President of India turns to a pakka pujari for 4-5 days in his hometown for performing Devi Durga’s worship, I find no rational reason to believe that a goddess could kill a demon that was changing from a buffalo (mahish) to a man which sounds me ridiculous and unscientific. That may be a reason why Jawaharlal Nehru has said that our mythological epics are none better than stories of Alif-Laila and Arabian Nights kind. From this year onwards followers of Anti-Matawadis will start a program in JNU to remember Mahishasur’s killing who was a Dravidian hero to few aboriginal tribes* in India as ‘Mahishasur shahadat diwas’ (Mahishasur sacrifice day) when millions of Bongs will be celebrating killing of Mahishasur by goddess Durga.

Goddess Kali at Ganges river, Nadia district, West Bengal

Delhi’s Yamuna river after immersion of Durga idols. Image credit: ‘The Hindu’ and Sushil Kumar Verma

Mother cow and Mother Yamuna, both revered as mother by staunch Hindus are deliberately neglected as scrap. Image credit: Indian Express and Amit Mehra.

It’s very amazing to me that West Bengal has a distinct privilege to be a birth place of Vaishnavism which abhors animal killings to satisfy their taste buds and Matawadis who can’t live a single day without meat, blood and bone in their platter.
I have accepted Vaishnavism for some good reason to not yield to violence for filling my tummy.
*From early Sanskrit literature, it is clear that Kali in her various shapes is a non-Aryan goddess. But she was gradually identified with the supreme Godhead.

In the Mahabharata we find that she delights in wine, flesh and animal sacrifices. Gaudavaho (AD 700) refers to animal and human sacrifice offered to Kali. Ksudrakamalkara (15th century AD), speaking of the image of Durga at Vindhyachala near Mirzapur, says that Kali is the goddess of the Kiratas and other aboriginal tribes and is worshipped by the Mlecchas, the Thugs, etc.
– S. Radhakrishnan in ‘The Hindu View of Life’ page 27.
© Sushil Kumar

Image coutesy: The Hindu’s Metroplus Delhi edition (October 22, 2012) column by Mr. Rahul Verma.
Disclaimer: This article I have written not to insult the religious beliefs of Hindu Bengalis but to comment on eating habit of vegetarian and 9 days of vegetarianism of non-vegetarian majority Hindus after seeing the selling and eating chicken biryani in Devi Durga Pandal by Bengali women in ‘The Hindu’ newspaper.

Delhi’s pandals have a lot to offer, photo by Shanker Chakravarty

“Good food triumphs”


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12 thoughts on “Mataism or Matawad!

  1. Even I am not that familiar with what’s happening in ur country, ur point of view is a clever one. Best luck in ur life projects!

  2. Indians and particularly Hindus have some amount of hypocrisy for worshipping a mother goddess. India has screwed sex ratio of 940 females per 1000 of males and in every 10 minute a pregnant woman is dying because of medical negligence and one woman is raped in every six minute. The worshipping of a woman supreme godhead is just seems to be farce.

  3. Today is the last and final day of Navratra when the ninth Roop “Siddhidatri” of Devi is worshipped. On this day religious people do “Havans” and a lot of “Daan-Dakshina” at their place. Some of them even invite “Kanyaas” at their homes and wash their feet and arrange a grand feast for them. All of the “Kanyaas” are given return gifts and are guided safely to their homes. People then go out to visit Pandals with their families and bow in front of Devi and pay their reverence. Ask for health, wealth, success and luck for the coming year, eat “Prasad” and go back to their respective homes.

    And then they would spend the rest of the year expecting that a beautiful baby boy will come out of their pregnant wives “this time”. Flag Bearers of “Khaap Mentality” will look out ways to justify female feticide, rapes and molestations. Some of them will even challenge the right to education for a girl child. And then the next Navratri will come and the same people will flock in temples again asking for health, wealth, success and luck for the coming year.

    In a country where “Naaris” are worshipped as “deities”, the hunger for a boy child has led to countless coldblooded murders. In a country where a “Naari” represents the goddess of wisdom, literacy rate of females is nothing to be proud of. In a country where “Naari” is the goddess of wealth, of power, of satisfaction and of Spirituality, Girls getting raped in different corners of the country is not infrequent news.
    Let’s try changing this from this Navratra. Let’s educate people. Let us teach them about the importance of a civilized society of which “Naari” is an eternal part. Let’s educate people about Women Empowerment and education. Let’s teach the molesters a lesson that they wouldn’t forget for the rest of their lives. Let’s start preparing for that day when we close our eyes in front of Devi, we don’t have even an iota of burden on hearts.

    One Clarifiacation: Iam neither a matawadi nor maowadi….:)

  4. The only glitch is that neither these Devis nor Lord Krishna come to rescue for a woman who is a subject to molestation, dowry-death and honour killings.

  5. all of us are responsible for this prabhu ji u i and our society,
    we knows everything but still we following that………………..,”-||(

  6. It is a difficult time. Choices can be hard for each person and change is hard for humans. Your voice is strong and clear. This is needed amidst so much confusion of yesterday and todays beliefs and “scientific” truths which also may change with time. Your approach to common sense and rationality is good. Thank you for speaking out. Please keep doing so my friend, Penny

    • In India women empowerment is celebrated for just 18 days (2 * Navratras – meaning 9 nights). These celebrations are just like paper tiger and nothing to do with the real issues faced by women and these festivals have a negative side too that they cause a havoc to water body by immersing Deities idols in river, lakes, ocean which contaminate the water by lead, arsenic and other harmful chemicals all in the name of religion.

      • Speaking first as a human (who holds the sacred responsibility for the well being of our planet as most important) and second as a woman (I have endured some of the worst physical pain and emotional humiliation – raped and beaten by men when I was younger – yes I survived and it made me stronger, I always wondered why I was allowed to live – I think I know now) I can speak to both issues my friend. It is a time of change. People are becoming aware but it must come through a huge upheaval of events. We humans don’t learn very easily. But we do. Women suffer greatly. No it is not fair or right. But it is true. Keep writing, Your voice is being heard. A whisper will echo through the caverns of righteousness. Mother Earth is letting us know she is not happy with our transgressions against her and is sending us very strong messages. Be ready my friend. You make a difference!

      • Thanks for commenting and for sharing your thoughts and experiences. I do firmly believe that the world will become more peaceful with love compassion and mutual respect.

      • My pleasure Sushil, I agree completely with you my friend.

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