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Shiva and His fake Sena!

Shiva, the Lord of the lords, the most benevolent one, God of the kings and paupers alike, God of demons and Devtas has been reduced to the God of marriageable girls who wish to get a groom as strong and mighty as Shiva was. He is a favourite god among those devotees who don’t fall prey to extravagance and opulence of mall like temples. He grant wishes to those who just remembers Him in their silent whispers, like other gods He doesn’t seek beautiful flowers, sweets or animal sacrifices, He is happy with plain water, if possible milk and leaves of Bel tree and Dhatura as fruit. He was most popular God before the advent of religious entrepreneurship in Hindu religion. TV serials like Ramananda Sagar’s Ramayana and B. R. Chopra’s Mahabharata had established Rama and Krishna as heroes of Ramayana and Mahabharata. But it is not truth, in both epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata; Rama and Ravana, and all characters of Mahabharata has Shiva as their Aradhaya Deva (most favourite God) who grant wishes to anyone who does a penance in His name. He is indifferent to good and evil devotees, he loves everyone and he was always available to save Devatas from any kind of trouble, whether it was drinking halahal (poison) erupted from the churning of ocean.

I am still unsure whether the name ‘Shiva Sena’ is derived from Lord Shiva or Maratha warrior Shivaji but I am dead sure that Lord Shiva’s name got serious dent in His popularity when misguided Hindus with mischievous propagandas, heart filled with hatred and violence towards those who are non-Hindus, non-Marathis, Gujarati Marwaris, South Indians, North Indians who were residing in Mumbai for better job opportunity beaten by the goons of an organization dedicated for Marathi-Manus fascism.
This brigade of Hindutva which has a serious business to safeguard Indian and Hindu tradition which ransacks gift-shops on Valentine day had once organized a rock show by Michael Jackson. And MJ said next day of the show that he did it! What he had done was to pee in the loo of this brigade’s mentor’s house, it was just and sufficient tribute to this man who had given a bad name to lord Shiva.

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4 thoughts on “Shiva and His fake Sena!

  1. MAHADEVA S. SARMA on said:

    Shiva Sena is definitely named after the after the Martha Warrior Chhatrapathi Shivaji the savior of the oppressed.

  2. shivaji pandharkar on said:

    you dont know anything real. shivsena is only after the name chhatrapati shivaji maharaj. and he is equal to lord shiva.

    • nithya on said:

      Now, chatrapati shivaji is equal to God of Gods, Mahadev !!! Now that is extremely low.

      My father was one of the victims of the so called ‘shivsena’ simply bcoz he wasn’t a Marathi, instead a South Indian. He was working in Mumbai in the late 70’s; was chased down & beaten by the above mentioned goons. But luckily for him, his employer had intervened & his life was saved.

      @sushil kumar sir….they r not just a blot on democracy but on humanity itself.

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