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An open letter to Justice Verma


Dear Justice Verma,

I got to know that you are heading an enquiry committee for Delhi-Bus gang rape case.

Kindly read my poetry and few suggestions.

‘Oh, the name of raped girl

is just a ‘victim’ or‘gang-raped girl’

Activists says Police allows rape,

Courts says Police is slack,

Public says enough is enough,

And proud display of the culprits

says how quick you are,

to nab the perpetrators of crime,

But, what you have done

to the ‘victim’ and‘gang-raped’ girl?

You have raped Eunomia,

again and again,

simply because she is weak and blind,

and simply because she is

not your sister, daughter or mother,

simply because you love to rape women,

in power corridors of your justice system,

and you say how just you are,

and how yours hands are clean,

and how articulately you

screw the hard work of Police,


Again and again,

You are the rapists of Eunomia

and of the ‘victim’and ‘gang-raped’ girl.

And now few suggestions:-

1. First implement the guidelines envisaged in ‘Vishaka vs. State of Rajasthan’ in the premises of Supreme Court of India and also in other Courts.

2. Retract security cover from those MP, MLAs who have declared on affidavit that they are crorepatis. If they have money to spend on elections then they should pay from their own pocket for their security cover and not from Tax-payer’s money.

3. Minor girls face sexual assault from male school teachers, non-teaching staff, cab drivers in schools. Girls have to face sex-soliciting to clear exams or to complete their research work in Universities. Law must be amended in Section 376 (2) of IPC to check any kind of sexual exploitation of girls in academic premises. In a shameless, horrific example of undying lust of perverted men, M.B.B.S. girls of Jabalpur Medical College were solicited by college staff and senior girls to have sex with ‘Mess Contractor’to clear Biochemistry Paper. This is really disgusting thing which is happening in temples of education. You must stop this if you have courage or behave like an ostrich.

4. Stop sexual harassment in Armed forces, Para-Military forces and Police forces. Newly recruited women are made to satisfy the lust of senior officials. This must be stopped. In nearly all cases, women are subject to removal from services despite being a victim herself for raising their voices. These ‘silent rapes’ must be stopped.

5. Sex-soliciting in Corporate world on promises of employment and promotion must be checked. Every Private enterprise of work-force of more than twenty people has to setup a ‘Women Cell’ and those who don’t comply must be shut down and denied State subsidies and other facilities.

6. Prohibition on selling of acid in open market. These acid bottles are easily available for 10-20 rupees and play havoc on the life of acid-attack victims.

7. Establish special Tribunals and Women Courts like Family Courts for gender violence, female foeticide, dowry deaths, bride burnings, and sexual exploitation at working places.

If you think my anger and disregard for justice system is not justified then you are welcome to prosecute me but please do something so that ‘We, The People of India’ can grow faith in justice system.


Sushil Kumar

70 year old mother protecting children today at India Gate


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6 thoughts on “An open letter to Justice Verma

  1. c adhikesavan on said:

    good but some suggestions are out of box

  2. Straight Question : have you emailed your valid suggestions to justice Verma , or you expect him to read your blog???

    • Yes buddy… I e-mailed him 7 hours before posting this article. you too can email him on
      for your kind information I posted e-mail within 1 hour of the announcement in the television. I posted the e-mail with my correspondence address and phone number. I didn’t write this post just for Justice Verma but the lesser mortals like you and me.
      Thanks for your comment.
      Happy blogging and have a nice day!

  3. Good letter and I think Justice Verma would do well to listen to the points you raise.
    I am European but my wife is Indian and I have heard similar stories from her family there. At the moment they are very afraid for their daughter who they are trying to get married. There have apparently been instances of girls being murdered over dowry disputes etc.
    I too might email Justice Verma and ask him whether or not my niece ought to better protected by law!

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