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Rape of ideas



So, guys (and gals too), I have not written any post since many days and it was complained by one of my friend with a big ‘why’. I said I ran of ideas, let’s come any, why to bother readers for crude write ups.
And I found today that women brigades are lambasting ancient texts and their authors. One blogger has said that Ved Vyas was a rapist who raped Ambika and Ambalika, anyhow she forget about the mother of Vidura, no wonder women are not known to care for poor guys.
These feminist may ask why Krishna has so many wives, Mahabharata says 1008 and Shrimad Bhagvat explode the number to 16108 wives. There is one story in Mahabharata which was not shown in TV serial of B R Chopra (author of Mahabharata for millions of devout Hindus).
Krishna’s wife Jambavati (most of the Hindus think that he was married to Radha and Rukmini and other princess and unheard of Jambavati but sorry to say that Radha has no mention in Mahabharata) said to him – you have given Rukmini eight sons – Charudsena, Sucharu, Charuvesa, Yasodhara, Charusrava, Charuyasa, Pradyumna and Sambhu. Give me just one like any one of them. And it may be asked by new brigade of feminists why not a daughter?
So, Krishna prayed with strict penance for a son to none other than Lord Shiva for six months (who the hell are you to say that Krishna prayed Shiva, new Hindu cults and our temple preachers says just the opposite theory). Appeased with Krishna’s austerity, Shiva and Parvati appeared before him and asked for boons to be granted. Krishna asked eight boons – firm faith in righteousness, the power to destroy the enemy in battle, great fame, supreme strength, complete control over the practise of Yoga, popularity among people, closeness to the great god and hundreds of sons (yet again not asked daughters). And Parvati also granted Krishna eight boons – freedom from anger towards the Brahmins, father’s blessings, hundreds of sons (hey yet again no daughters), supreme enjoyment, love for kinsmen, mother’s love, peace of mind, and skill. Happy with Krishna, Parvati gave him one more boon to have one thousand and eight wives (but everyone talks about sixteen thousand one hundred eight wives without knowing the Mahabharata).
Anyway let’s not accuse our epic heroes, gods and author of Mahabharata as rapist. There was tradition of Niyoga, i.e., having sex with a man who is not legally wedded for the sake of progeny. In modern days too we see surrogacy, artificial insemination, and test tube babies. Who knows that a day will come when feminist will cry hoarse that test tube babies are rape of ovum by one brute sperm.
© Sushil Kumar
Content Credit: Vyasa’s Mahabharata by Bharadvaja Sarma
Image Credit: Amar Chitra Katha


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4 thoughts on “Rape of ideas

  1. स्वामी जी और और कोई नयी विवेचना लाये हों या विचार आया हो कुम्भ स्नान से?

    • जी… जो आज्ञा गुरुदेव!

      • You may abuse me by calling dumb or smug or anything but do’nt call me Guru. I do not rape womenm Me no dream merchant either. Nor I promise anything in afterlife. So please withdraw this abuse. I openly protest. And protest and protest. Every drop of falling rain will remind you of protest.

  2. nithya on said:

    ”Who knows that a day will come when feminist will cry hoarse that test tube babies are rape of ovum by one brute sperm.”

    wow, brilliant line. i am not a feminist, but a simple woman & no i do not hate men.

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