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New Cottage Industry

Madurai's pay and use toilet

Madurai’s pay and use toilet

It’s very weird to know that a State in India has felicitated urination, defecation and bathing as a cottage industry! The bizarre State which I am taking about is Tamil Nadu where I have seen people have opened their home for tourists (mostly pilgrims) for relieving themselves or having a bath. Here normal charge for urination & defecation is Rs 5/- and bathing is Rs 10/- and that too by Government owned lavatories run by Municipalities.

Mayapur's Sulabh Sauchalaya

Whereas Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak’s Sulabh Sauchalaya (Sulabh Toilet) is ubiquitous in every North Indian town and even in West Bengal.

Loo at Ajanta Caves

I have peculiar habit to click pics for unknown reasons, as this pic of a urinal from Maharashtra’s Ajanta caves seemed me quite costly for charging Rs 2/- to urinate but I was proven wrong by Tamil Nadu’s new cottage industry.
So, if you are planning a trip to the State of Hindu temples from Northern India then be prepared to accommodate your urinary bladder for loosing coins in Tamil Nadu. Is it not strange that politicians of Tamil Nadu provide free colour television, sarees and dhotis but can’t provide public utility sanitation at affordable price?

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5 thoughts on “New Cottage Industry

  1. Sushil , I think , it is a blessing that someone is providing such facilities in these places, even if it is for a price . Don’t expect government to do it . Their priorities are different , we know. It certainly adds to the cleanliness of the centre and comfort of the people.There should be such facilities near pilgrimage centres as millions visit these places every year. After all , cleanliness is next to godliness , isn’t it ?


    • I agree with you Doc but States are under Constitutional obligation to provide free sanitation facilities. In Delhi, loos charge just 1 Rs as a token amount and Sulabh Sauchalaya provides urinals for free. That’s the reason why I wrote this article and I faced the same situation in Guruvayur, Kerala. But I spent few hours in Kerala and a week in Tamil Nadu so this article is dedicated to Tamil Nadu’s new cottage industry. 🙂

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