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The Fortune Teller


This post is really late, almost five months delayed. It was my promise to this astrologer from my hometown Allahabad that I would like to write few words on him. We have seen fortune tellers erupt every morning in news channels predicting the future of persons according to their zodiac signs and date & time of their birth. Only few are master of this profession, rest make this as their bread and butter because of their oratory skills. It is impossible to say for someone that he has never seen a fortune teller. And the greatest dilemma is that everyone wants to know their future but no one wants to mend the present and learn a lesson from past. Thankfully, I have met few astrologers who have said many things about my ‘past’ precisely but not the ‘future’! Let the future be uncertain or else what would be the charm in living a life which is predictable.
There were few astrologers like Varahamihir and Cheiro whose work and predictions have surprised the severe critics and Astrology is still debated in schools whether it is a science or not?
There are many prophecies in ‘Bhavishya Purana’ and Nostradamus’s book which still have to see the light of day and we know that many of those prophecies have proven accurate.
There are few who like to give undue credit to ‘destiny’ for other’s good fortune and their own bad times and there are many who think that we are just puppets in the hands of almighty and everything is predetermined since our birth. Most of us mutter that we didn’t get what our hard work deserved as compared to our friends and rivals and owe a lots to ‘destiny’ and God’s wish. Yet, we find beautiful words of wisdom in Srimad Bhagvad Gita.
“कर्मण्यकर्म यः पश्येदकर्मणि च कर्म यः ।
स बुद्धिमान्मनुष्येषु स युक्तः कृत्स्नकर्मकृत् ।। श्रीमद्भगवद्गीता अध्याय ४, श्लोक १८
He who finds inaction in action, and action in inaction, he is the wise one among men; he is engaged in Yoga and is a performer of all actions! Srimad Bhagvad Gita, Chapter 4, Verse 18.”
By the way you can find such fortune teller in a marvellous story by R. K. Narayan – An Astrologer’s Day.
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11 thoughts on “The Fortune Teller

  1. Brilliant Post Sushil!
    Wise and apt.

  2. “He who finds inaction in action, and action in inaction…”
    Very well said! We may not always be aware of action (inaction) but nevertheless there is continuous action taking place in and around us.

    • Today I was just pondering to understand how inaction could be action? I got to know when our dear ones, friends, colleagues or unknown persons gets anger over us and curses us… and in that moment of tremendous pain if we keep our temper calm and stop our mouth to utter any sentence then we could be able to save the relationship from getting ruined. And that moment of ‘inaction’ would be a great action for our future! 🙂

  3. I thought you are going to write something about your acquaintance fortune teller. RK Narayan’s Fortune Teller is a satire. You have talked about the accuracy of a prediction. It could be seen there is some degree of accuracy-depending upon the perfection of the ‘science’ by the individual in question- in predicting the “past”. As opined by my colleague, this is ‘reasonable’ as this record is irrevocably there, which a well-trained fortune teller is able to access! But any future predictability is only a ‘probability’!!

    • Yesterday, a lady fortune teller was gossiping that ‘Saturn’ and ‘Sun’ are hard planets and responsible for ‘bad marriages’ and divorces. Such things on tv shows are completely nonsense because the concept of ‘divorce’ is just 5 decade old in Hindu society. There are many ancillary business attached with astrology, like lucky stones, rituals with particular days and the most hilarious thing is to attach Gods with certain days of week.
      Astrology is a pure mathematics and calculations which we treasure from many generations. But the sad part is that Pandits of Astrology are very difficult to be find and what we see in our daily lives are just jugglers who play with emotions of their vulnerable customers. 🙂

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