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How are you? Saar… !

Spreading happiness is charity nowadays

Spreading happiness is charity nowadays

Happiness is an alien concept. No one is content and happy in his life, yet if somebody asks – How are you? We reply with a meek reply and repeated lies umpteen times that – I am fine! And the truth is that no one is fine these days. For one third of our life, we spend or simply wastes it to solve algebra and calculus problems or either cramming History dates. I fondly remember in matriculation days, our English lady teacher teased us that you are living on the verge of happiness and after passing matriculation, you will never be able to happy again. And that damn prophecy turned out to be true. And after those ‘happy hours’ I have not spend a single day of my life which was not tense and with loads of anxieties for future and present; and repentance for the past.
I have seen people seeking merriment in shopping, eating out, alcohol, and movies; and according to me they are the dullest person who don’t know how to cope with their boring and unfruitful life. And shockingly, the perception of happiness is really weird and we find happiness in other’s tragedies. Karna says to Duryodhana in Mahabharata, Vana Parva, Chapter XIII, ‘Cattle Inspection by Duryodhana – his humiliation’, “Nothing is more satisfying than to watch the sufferings of the enemies. Not the birth of a son, not the winning of a great fortune is as pleasing as the sight of the enemies in dire distress.”
In this part of world, which was constantly labelled as Dharma Guru and Spiritual Master of world, most of the men and women are just living their life for the sake of living. Many of them don’t know that they are wasting their life in making bank balances, hopping from one job to other, creating progenies and punishing them to live in the nuclear families.
We are chasing our dreams and the biggest nightmare is old age and death. For half of our life, we try to make our career with reading and cramming useless things of academic books, giving job interviews, and for half of other life we spend our life calculating calories in our food and reading about life style related diseases and carrying our near and dear ones to hospital check-ups with an anticipation that after few years, someone will carry us to the doctors.
Anyway, the most celebrated author of Urdu poetry – Mirza Ghalib has written few couplets –
“Unke dekhe se jo aa jaati hai munh pe raunaq…
Wo samajhte hain ki beemaar Ka haal achha hai…”
Which means by seeing my radiant face, my beloved thinks that I am all fine.

The title for this post is dedicated to a Keralite gentleman who becomes a friend on facebook and who dared to asks me dozen times a day – How are you? For his hundredth how are you? I just answered him once that I am fine and blocked him forever so that he could never ask me again and again how are you?

© Sushil Kumar

we are not lucky as this cat to be comfortable and content at the same time

We are not lucky as this cat to be comfortable and content at the same time


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15 thoughts on “How are you? Saar… !

  1. What a great sense of humor you have! Simply hilarious! 🙂

  2. VIOLETA on said:

    I’m not sure if you intended to be funny, but I did get a laugh. That cat picture and comment… lol… genius! And I will dare to add, you just provided me a happy moment. 😀

    Hmmh… Should I now go on to ask: How are you???

    Ok, all jokes aside, I did see a lot of truth in your post. People are manufactured to be unhappy. Sad really. But on the bright side, some people are pushing back and changing how they see life, live life, teach life to their children…

    • Well, I am pretty fine! Getting roasted in scorching summer of Delhi with temperature of 48 degree Celsius, but I am fine; had an altercation with previous boss, searching a new job, but I am fine. Paying all money to my landlady as rent with little left to me, but I am fine. And yes, just recuperating from severe depression, but I am fine. It’s all a part of life to be ‘fine’. How are you my dear friend? 😛

      • VIOLETA on said:

        I’m just as fine! 😀 Seriously, you wouldn’t want to hear the crap I’ve been dealing with this year. I don’t even want to hear it myself. But I’m a hopeful, new-age foo-foo, kind of person. I prefer to look at manure and see rainbows shooting out. So, if you see a crazy looking lady popping up in front of you out of nowhere, skipping around you in circles, chanting: ommmm-maamaaamamaaa-be wellllll-be welllll. Don’t be scared. It’s just crazy ol’ me. Trying to bring some sunshine into your life, even if it’s only for a moment. {{{hugs}}}

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. Your tumblr profile is so colourful and magical, I just stolen 2 pics of Buddha to upload on my facebook page. And I am not scared neither you are a crazy person. Om Shanti Om! Hehe 😀

  3. vivek on said:

    badhiya darshan he…. lekin wo apke dost ko anavshyak yatna de di apne.. wo to keval apke shubhchintak he… kabhi kabhi wo bolna padta he jo samne wala sunna chahta he..!

  4. A very beautiful piece Sushiji! The mAyA of momentary happiness and their integration over time to feel the ‘apparent’ sense of happiness would vanish the moment you make it a Closed Line Integral or a Closed Surface Integral!!!
    This is the Calculus you have taken a poke at.

    The last pisture says it all. If you are haapy and contented as the perecariously balanced cat, then you are always happy. Man, you are a writer!

  5. प्रसन्नता कभी नैसर्गिक गुण हुआ करता होता। फाइन आर्ट्स और कविता का विषय। आज वह मल्टी बिलियन डॉलर्स का व्यवसाय है। Happiness Industry.

    प्रसन्नता एक बहुत सीरियस चीज है। 😦
    बाकी, आप कैसे हैं?

  6. I really enjoy reading your post, so funny and true! 🙂

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