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An amateur artist’s crude attempt to portray Bapu

An amateur artist’s crude attempt to portray Bapu

the father of millions
made his ‘Nishabd’
half a century ago
when Amitabh was just a boy
and Bapu slept with many teenaged girls,
aged less than his grand-daughters.
No one dared
to call
father of millions
an ephebophile,
No one blames
a mighty
for their flaws.
As the saint-poet Tulsidas said
five centuries back.
Those who can’t
tame their passion
are not the modern Mahatmas?

© Sushil Kumar


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15 thoughts on “Nishabd

  1. Gandhi never shied away forget hide his act. He wrote about it rigorously in his letters , every public forum he could in fact Congress party that is Nehru and Sardar were nervous and agitated with him being so candid about it, just like you. Why he did what he did is best explained by Bapu himself in his writings. We are free to interpret it as we deem fit.

    • No doubt, Gandhiji was a great leader. But I think it would be not fair to glorify all his deeds and misdeeds. What he did with his grand-niece and other young girls was unethical, amorous and sexual perversion at its best and outraging the modesty of a woman in today’s perspective. He initiated his so called test for celibacy with lying nude with Amtussalamben, and he piously named his sexual perversion as shuddhikaran-yagna which he continuously did till his last days with his grand-niece Manuben, and he was also fond of having nude bath with Dr. Sushila Nayar. And mere confession of a crime doesn’t washes off the sin, as he declared publicly his experiments of celibacy and was often ridiculed by masses; meanwhile before such confession in his autobiography and morning prayers, he was on the verge of glorification as eleventh incarnation of Vishnu, the same staunch Hindu saw God in him and later killed him too.
      Now back to his weird experiments, I think that, to ruin someone’s life for personal stake is much graver sin and what he did for his abhorrence for sex is because of his deep guilt when he was possessed by strong urge to have sex with his pregnant wife and while he was indulging in sex, his ailing father died and the second tragedy was a stillborn child was born to Kasturba Gandhi. From that day he vowed to never have sex and he later proclaimed that sex for carnal desire, even with one’s wife is a sin. After reading the cover story of ‘Mahatma & Manuben’ in India Today, I penned this piece of poem and I wanted to draw the figure of Gandhiji in black background but I am not that much perfect artist. And first time I read about this experiment of Gandhiji’s on celibacy 20 years back in Hindi magazine – Sarita, and in utter disgust and disbelief I threw the magazine. In my personal opinion, Gandhiji was a great leader but he had few great follies too.

      • If you can show me any written proof of him stating “I confess of this crime….” I’ll be enlightened.
        He called it his experiments and he wrote about them in his letters and magazine regularly. Check on this fact and enlighten me.
        Yes he did confess about his ailing father.
        Read Gandhi’s letters, If wrote quite concise, that might help your writing. Next step deal with the violence in your writing. I feel offended especially cause you send me a personal message to read your stuff and I felt obliged to comment.
        And read my comment again. I said you are free to interpret as you like.

      • I think you got too much offended by Gandhiji bashings. When did I said that Gandhiji said “I confess of this crime….”? Please do read the latest issue of India Today. And Gandhiji screwed many things, Bhagwad Gita was one of those thing, it was like a mother to him – Mother Gita! and a source for non-violence. And he slept with young Manuben with the excuse that this was his motherly love to her and she should think of him as her mother. While reading this I remembered IG Panda who had become doorsi Radha in Uttar Pradesh, such tendencies are psychological problems and must be treated well. Read this link and be enlightened –
        And if you really get offended by my violent writings then I could sympathize with you because I too prayed Gandhiji like a God figure till my college days. And yes, Gandhiji was a cunning politician and for citing those things it would not be appropriate place here for the debate, as it could become out of context. Bapu’s personal secretary Mr Bose has said that Gandhiji used to slap himself for sleeping with young girls and said I am an ordinary person and not a Mahatma.
        Is it not true that Amitabh Bachchan seeked public apology from fans for doing a film like Nishabd?

      • Sorry, if my post on Gandhiji offended you, and I do respect him for his good deeds but I cannot glorify all his experiments of non-violence and celibacy. I praised him too, if you think that I am anti-Gandhi then you can read this –

  2. Hi Sushil, After laughing at your sarcasm toward Bapu, I admit that I learned another word today “ephebophile.” I had to google it. You are a true writer because you have a way with words. One does not know whether you mean for people to laugh or to take you seriously. I choose to laugh while learning. Please keep up the good work! 🙂

  3. Hi Sirene, Nishabd is a Bollywood film of 2007 and the word ‘Nishabd’ means ‘no words’, the film shows 65 year old Amitabh Bachchan falling in love with a 17 year old young girl, the film was a huge flop and was severely criticized for the unusual story. And yesterday I was reading in library India’s largest circulating magazine ‘India Today’ with a cover story ‘Mahatma & Manuben’ which established that Bapu had weird physical relations with teenaged girls and there was jealousy among those girls that who will sleep more with Bapu! This small poem is inspired by the great poet A. K. Ramanujan who has written bold themes with dark comedy. You can read more about Ramanujan in this link –
    For Mahatma Gandhi’s much hyped life style and unusual principles, I would like to add that all hypocrites says that – do as i say not as i do! 😀

  4. Thank you for the info. I will watch Nishabd. Per what I had read in the past, the portrayal of Gandhi had been that of a man representing non-violence, civil rights and freedom, so I had no idea of this aspect of his life.
    When someone is so highly revered, it is seen by many as a sacrilege to mar the reputation of such an individual, whether true or not. And what is seen as a sin by one is considered a virtue by another.
    As the wheel of time continues to spin, societal habits and mores continue to take a path toward change, slower in some parts of the world and faster in others. This change often fosters resentment but the wheel moves on no matter what and for the underserved population, knowledge becomes a form of protection and self-defense.
    So Sushil, your work if you want to see it that way, is that of information to the public. Those of us who want to learn will go search for further answers and become wiser.
    A toast to you!

    • Thanks Sirene for your erudite comment. Gandhiji was a great personality and I adore him for his simplicity and his values for truth, non-violence and kindness but there were some serious shortcomings in his principles and conduct. His non-violence movement failed to remain non-violent, 1.5 lakh people were massacred and millions were displaced during partition. He was a stubborn and was least democratic person, in the garb of a loyal Hindu, he rejected the idea of equality among citizens, and was a die-hard fan of caste-discrimination as advised in Hindu religious books. When he was experimenting his celibacy on young minor girls, he was excusing it as a purification yagna for himself and even a placebo to unite Hindu-Muslim brotherhood (quite hilarious).
      You may watch Nishabd, I have not seen it, and the tragic part is that the young heroine of Nishabd committed suicide last week.

  5. It’s all very unfortunate 😦

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