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Third ‘Eye’ of Nirmal Baba

Nirmal Baba, Image credit:

Nirmal Baba, Image credit:

His clientele includes homemakers whose husband and sons run into financial trouble and job insecurity; and most of the customers are those who seek ‘Kripa’ or divine blessing from a fraud Baba who claims to own such ‘Kripas’ in his right fist. His trademark slogan says – ‘yantra chale na mantra’ means neither talisman nor psalm works, only Nirmal Baba’s Third Eye of divine blessings works.
Nirmaljeet Singh Narula alias Nirma Baba was once a property dealer who might be a caterer and who turns to become a healer and sees samosa, makhan-mishri, paratha, golgappe in his dreams, he has made ‘fortune making’ as a lucrative business to cure frustrated clients to become master of their fortune. The hilarious part is if you stop paying him 10 % of your earning and savings, you shall lose that divine blessing. His business runs by getting prime slots on more than thirty news channels like IBN7 and few religious channels.
Most of his clients include great middle class of India who are hardly literate to write their signature and open a bank account; there are few so called highly educated professional and PhD holders, irrespective of their gender, who seeks Baba’s blessings for opening their new venture or before tying the nuptial knot for the blissful marriage. The crux of problem is that Indian society has more literate people than the educated one.
Golgappe - Image credit:

Golgappe – Image credit:

Samosas - Image credit:

Samosas – Image credit:

Few of his remedies should be renamed as –
1. Fertility Samosa – for inducing child birth.
2. Panacea Golgappe – for curing all kind of diseases.
3. Paratha with fork – it turns your bad luck to special Kripas.
4. Black purse, wallet & bags – it cast away evil spirits.
5. Lucky ten rupee currency notes in wallet – rest of the money you pay to Baba’s bank account.
6. Divine pilgrimage – visit to nearest temple, Ganges river dip, a visit to Shirdi Sai Baba temple once in six month to once in two year – provides a surplus profit to those who are in tourism sector.

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10 thoughts on “Third ‘Eye’ of Nirmal Baba

  1. I’ll take the samosas and run with them hahaha

    • Yes samosas are damn yummy… why don’t you write about holistic, spiritual and healing samosas with Yogic powers. Those samosas will be sold like hot cakes. 😛

      • Sushil, I can’t help but crack up every time you write something. That is such a funny answer.

        I couldn’t sell the samosas because I would be the one eating them. I love them too much. 🙂

    • Try golgappes instead, my ex-girl friend used to eat 2 dozens of it at once. In India golgappes are sold by street vendors where they are made in least hygienic manner, the most dirty ones are the yummiest. These have least calorific values that’s why Baba recommends it to his followers to eat golgappes for good result in exams, for getting dream job, happy married life, etc. 😛

      • Golgappes are great except for the tamarind chutney and yogurt fillings. I don’t like sweet and salty together so I could not recommend them to my followers. My “ex” from Kolkata and his friend from Goa made the best samosas and chapatis. So I will set up shop soon and assist my followers toward dream jobs and happy married life via the best samosas and chapatis in town 🙂

  2. Hi Sushil,

    Loved the post. Frankly the snack plates look yummy and I really wouldn’t mind attending one of Baba’s gatherings if such food is on the house! But if it means loosening my purse strings……….

    No way!
    I’ll run away….


    • Oh No Mr Shakti, that won’t be possible. All shows of Nirmal Baba are booked to House Full for next 4 months. You have to arrange Black Bag (not black buck), Black Wallet (with no hole in it), and you have to show your earnings to Baba’s men like IT officials do, so that he might help you to get drowned in his Blessings of Third Eye. And you have to buy the yummy samosas and golgappes yourself and eat it too. Forget about ‘eat one’s cake and have it too’ and the icing on Baba’s samosas and cakes oops golgappas is that you have to deposit your 10 % savings/earnings every month to Babaji’s holy Bank Account. Enjoy the samosas and golgappes (phuchkas) without Nirmal Baba’s name. 😀

  3. Baba has tremendous power in his third eye, last year he was curing the lung cancer of a famous cricketer by swinging his right fist in the air but due to some unavoidable disruption of satellite signals from Neptune planet, his magic didn’t spell as it was expected. Researchers says that in coming years Baba will sort out signal failures by swinging his both hands and legs in the air!

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