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God knows your temptations!

During my Jamia hostel days, I had pasted 2 poster of Aishwarya Rai on wall, my room no. was 1 and in room no. 19, there was a pencil-sketch on wall, probably drawn by a fine Arts student; room no. 1 and 19 were first and last inhabitable rooms in the hostel. On Ramadan days, the inhabitants of room no. 1 were persuaded to cover the beautiful sketch by newspaper and that piece of art was open for remaining 11 months of year. Even, I was also pressurized to throw the posters of Aishwarya Rai in dustbin as it was held to spoil the prayer offerings and was polluting one during the holy period of Ramadan. But I was also a stubborn brat and argued to protestors that just concentrate on their prayer and not on the wall.

My pious roommate was brought up in a Madarsa and once told me that sex is a forbidden act during Ramadan. By rolling my eyes, I asked mischievously, does it means Muslims don’t beget babies after nine months of Ramadan and there was a lull after my question. My curiosity is solved after a decade and you can learn what holy Quran says about sex in the month of Ramadan.
From the excerpt of a book ‘Reading Quran by Ziauddin Sardar’, it says, “… sex is nothing to be ashamed of or feel guilty about. During the Prophet’s time, Muslims in Medina believed that sex was forbidden during the month of Ramadan, even at night when eating and drinking is allowed. However, not everyone could resist the temptation. They felt guilty and admitted to the Prophet that they had spoiled their fast by having sexual relations during Ramadan. The incident is mentioned in 2:187 in the book ‘The Quran’ translated by Tarif Khalidi, “It is licit for you, on a night of fasting, to lie down with your wives. They are as a garment to you, and you are as a garment to them. God knows you used to cheat, but He has turned His face towards you and forgiven you. But now go in and lie with them, and seek what God has foreordained for you, and eat and drink until the white streak of dawn can be distinguished from the black streak. Then complete your fast until night-time. Do not lie with them in periods when you retire for devotional prayers in mosques.
These are the bounds set by God: do not infringe them. Thus does God make clear His signs to mankind – perhaps they will grow pious.”

The Quran

The Quran


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4 thoughts on “God knows your temptations!

  1. Interesting! I dont think you should listen to any pious roommate when it’s about such a thing, cuz every body will tell you his own point of view,( which is leaded by the human brain and so easy to be a wrong one). I guess checking Qura’an’s pages is the best way to find all you need about the unknown side of this religion. Look how many leaders in the world pretend they r taking the best decisions in the name of Islam, when actually, they care about their own interests only- my conclusion- Islam and muslims r totally different matters, and this is available for any other religion and its followers.

  2. Thank you so much for your erudite comment. I was just updating my facebook status. I hope you may disagree on few points but this is my own conclusion after reading it.
    “Really enjoying Qur’an, it is now clear that this holy book was not descended from heaven but many verses were copied from Bible. And the most beautiful part is that it talks about justice everywhere and lyrical beauty and hidden message is unparalleled in other religious texts. By reading Qur’an, you can understand why Islam is a thoroughly misunderstood religion. Qur’an instructs more than equal rights to women and look what Mullahs have done to poor, ignorant and destitute women. They have screwed their own religion in the name of God, who is always forgiving and merciful, as the holy Qur’an says. The fanaticism in Islam is attributed to the Hadith, and that would be my next target to read and study. I have two Qur’an in Hindi but their translation is really pathetic and the subject treatment is tasteless and deliberately many verses are missing; only God and Mullahs may know why so. The Penguin edition is really enjoyable with translation of all verses by Tarif Khalidi. A highly recommended book to all non-believers!” 😀

  3. Qura’an has its own way of presenting the message of God, but I do agree that many parts are similar with what we find in Bible. The abrahamic religions, with ONE GOD and ONE HOLY BOOK have the same message for the humanity, unfortunally the real message of Qura’an cannot be translated with the same meaning in any other language but arabic, the original one. If you will read it (for example) in romanian or in hindi most probably you wont get the deep meaning of some parts of it.

    • Hi Mihaela, I am just reading the verse 4:3 from different books, and I am really surprised how Mullahs have concocted its meaning with utter shrewdness for their own benefit. This is the way most religions are misled by fanatics.

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