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Asaram Brought to Jodhpur After Arrest

The saint, we are told,
once lived a life of sin –
nothing spectacular, of course,
just the usual things.
We smile, we are not surprised.
Unlikely though it seem,
we too one day
may grow up like him,
droppings our follies
like old clothes or creeds.

But then we learn
the saint is still a faithless friend,
obstinate in argument,
ungrateful for favours done,
hard with servants and the poor,
discourteous to disciples, especially men,
condescending, even rude
to visitors (except the foreigners)
and overscrupulous in checking
the accounts of the ashram.
He is also rather fat.

Witnessing the spectacle
we no longer smile.
If saints are like this,
what hope is there then for us?

– Nissim Ezekiel



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2 thoughts on “Guru

  1. MAHADEVA S. SARMA on said:

    Even Lord Krishna could not escape blame! I refer to symantakopAkhyAna which is supposed to be read on the night of Ganesha Chaturthi, to avoid the calumny that would befall one should one even accidentally, look at the Moon on the Ganesha Chaturthi ! 🙂 .

    The sad thing is whom should we trust? Media is supposed to be the Fourth Estate but they are much more corrupt than the corrupt Government itself! They have put themselves up for sale!

    We used to the think the Three Estates are sacrosanct. But there are chinks in their armor too. If you one could yet love them, it is because they are ‘sanctified’ by that one thing that they do and aam aadmi does not! It is called Sacrifice- of the most precious thing! Our love for them is an admission that we need to have done that too but somehow didn’t have the verve!?! Our love also intensifies when we see the apathy of the ‘corrupt Government’! Ref. statements from our shameless legislators about the ‘loss of lives’ to callousness and probably calculated selfishness of our law makers!

    Nissim Ezekiel in this poem ,does allude to the adage “Every Saint has a past and every sinner has a future” — a very Christian Dogma, whereas for the Hindu it is always karma-anubhoktavyam!

    I am not a disciple of Asaram Bapu, but when I chanced to accidentally view some of his speeches on the Aastha channel I used to feel a bit satisfied that here is one who himself has and elicits from the listeners, a reasonable faith in the way the religion (the so called Hindu Religion) is presented. And now he is subject to calumny! That shakes the faith in the Guru concept itself, for one who shakily, approached it!

    ….Thus does unjust suspicion follow even the most blameless for, as the poet says,”Who shall escape calumny indeed?” Jerome K. Jerome in Three Men in a Boat’

    • Our ancient texts which I don’t like to call as Hindu religious texts, both Vedic and Buddhist books have emphasized a life of hardship and penance and preached to stay away from materialism. They have glorified a life of sorrowfulness and all pleasures are believed to be ephemeral. Contrarily these thugs and self-proclaimed godmen are running a huge business for solving all possible ailments on earth for a bomb. These thugs are very famous because they make an aura of themselves to become saviour of troubled people. But one thing people tend to forget that no one is able to escape “रोग शोक निंदा विषाद; disease, grief, blame, melancholy”. If one has took birth then he has to suffer all possible grieves. I think you have unnecessarily dragged Krishna in this episode even he was made to suffer at the end and was bitterly cursed upon.
      Nissim Ezekiel was a Jewish and I think that it would be not appropriate to swathe a litterateur in a fabric of religion, regionalism, etc. and it was Oscar Wilde who said ‘every saint has a past and every sinner has a future’.
      And these Babas and Gurus are eternal sinners and rogues who were once thugs, drug pedlars, rapists, and murderers and in the garb of religion and sermons they try to hide their true colour.

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