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Monkey business

bananas are the source of my energy

banana is the source of my energy

This post is not intended to hurt the sentiments of pious Hindus who revere monkeys and more to say a monkey-God too. So we all know that monkeys and bear were warriors in the army of Ram in Treta Yuga, and after the conquest of Ravana, the monkeys were unemployed (not in the sense of today’s scenario) and were promised by Ram to have a permanent abode in Vrindavan in Dwapar Yuga… don’t ask me to give proof… and this piece is just a little attempt to remind that we are not alone in this planet. The two Yugas have finished now and because of blessings of Lord Rama, these monkeys are present everywhere in Vrindavan; in Ghats, temples, markets, residential areas, and they have learned to live with Home sapiens sapiens as the great Darwin hinted some ancestral linkage to these two primates.
one giant step to evolution

one giant step to evolution

monkey trial?

monkey trial?

They are fed with large dose of bananas specially on Tuesday and Saturday and if you don’t entertain them with bananas then they will jokingly steal your belongings, your spectacle, mobile, camera, pen, hand bag and to irritate you more they try to bite few chews on these inedible things just to show that they are monkeys and not humans to eat only edible things.
life is like a banana when you peel it only then you can enjoy it

life is like a banana when you peel it only then you can enjoy it

Meet my friend Gautam who was tapped gently on his shoulder by a monkey and when he moved back to greet the gentleman, he saw not a man at all but a shrewd monkey who snatched his spectacle over his nose (you must have heard of the saying under his nose).
my friend Gautam

my friend Gautam

Gautam with broken glasses

Gautam with broken glasses

But the monkey was not in good mood, he giggled and dug his teeth in the lens and tried to chew it like bubble-gum and spat the lens when the taste was not amusing. On the advice of one merchant, my friend bartered to monkey with a new packet of biscuit, and lo… the cajoled monkey happily returned him one and a half lens and minus one rim. The story not ends here, the monkey was puzzled by the aftertaste of lens and biscuits and he was very much annoyed by the uselessness of spectacles for his clan, and in a fit of rage he slapped one pilgrim on his left cheek and ran away hurriedly so as not to be seen again for that day.
me and Gautam

me and Gautam

And to end this post I want to quote a monkey… sorry a man of genius – the surest way to make a monkey of a man is to quote him (as said by Robert Benchley).
© Sushil Kumar

Monkey gallery

beware of monkeys: take care of your bag, spectacle, bag, camera, etc.

beware of monkeys: take care of your bag, spectacle, bag, camera, etc.

remove your glasses or monkeys will remove it

remove your glasses or monkey will remove it

two years back Swami ji was robbed of his spectacle after one hour of this click

two years back Swami ji was robbed of his spectacle after one hour of this click

Yoga Guru monkeys

Yoga Guru monkeys

trees are social media for monkey where they scratch each other

trees are social media for monkeys where they scratch each other


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4 thoughts on “Monkey business

  1. Hi Sushil,

    Indeed this seems to be some serious monkey business you write about. Clearly there appears to be some major mis-alignment of intentions between these two erstwhile friendly species from the Treta Yuga. What could be the root cause for this unfortunate development? Have you spared a thought to that or done some analysis?

    Loved the post and the photos my friend.


    • Hi Sir!!!
      Once a financial Guru of ‘Monkey Business Times’ said that it’s better to have 2 dozen bananas in the bush rather than one in hand. 😀
      Forest officials says that Homo sapiens tend to feed their ancestors only on Tuesday and Saturday to gain some heavenly or planetary benefit and for rest of 5 days our ancestors feed on Bengal-gram, radish and garbage that’s why they have some grudge against their descendants.
      BTW… although monkeys are extremely naughty but they never harm you if you greet them gently by saying ‘Radhe-Radhe’!
      Even Swami Vivekananda was not spared by Vrindavan’s monkeys, he was robbed of his ‘kopin’ (underwear) but after some time one monkey returned that… might be testing his patience. Haha…
      Thank you so much for your kind words and loving this post.

  2. VIOLETA BOCAGE on said:

    Hahaha, monkeys seem to be kings and queens over there. Poor Gautam… I guess he learned his lesson — good behavior around monkeys. 😀

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